About us

We are Paul and Marion and we feel privileged to serve you as your hosts at our delightful mini-resort. We have been looking for a while to take over or create a B & B when we came across this paradise. If we fall in love with it immediately, then our guests will too, we thought. It is close to everything, and yet it is an oasis of -maybe a little snobbish- tropical delight.

Our search was over!

Since 1996 we Dutchies live outside the Netherlands. First 3 years in Geneva-Switzerland, then 18 years Portland, Oregon on the west coast in the USA. All because of Paul’s work (IT). After our son graduated and found a job on the east coast of the USA, we started to reflect on what we wanted ourselves with our lives. Running a B & B seemed totally our thing. And so our search began. At one point we even thought that we would end up as Dutch French in the Dordogne …. apparently it became Dushi Curacao. Travel times are shorter and the time difference is smaller with our son living in New York. We could have not become more enthusiastic.

And that will, with no doubt, reflect on how we will be able to pamper our guests on our unique and fantastic domain. A place to be indulged!

To keep our island beautiful, we try to promote the recycling of waste. For example, we have the option of collecting glass, plastic bottles and aluminum cans separately. We take these to companies that can recycle them. We are also active as volunteers with various cleaning campaigns on our island. For example, cleaning up litter, whether or not washed up on our beaches. Therfore we participate in campaigns like ‘The Kunukuman’, Curaçao Cleanup and the annual World Clean Up Day. And all too often we have made our guests so enthusiastic that they join us in such cleaning actions. It is useful work and especially fun to do as a group!